logo AVATON2  Air system

Available in thermal and standard editions, the AVATON Air Series offers an excellent aesthetic result. Retaining the advantages offered by slim profiles and completely recessed side frames, it reduces visible parts to a minimum. As a hanging system it offers faster on-site installation and eliminates the need for bottom rails. Achieving total bottom planarity, it can ideally be installed in openings with existing flooring and/or openings with frequent load movement, offering obstacle-free passage. All Air systems are pre-optimized for motorization. The AVATON Air system offers a range of middle adjoining profile widths from only 13mm to 26mm.

Avaton Air system

AVATON Air system.. characteristics..

Minimal design
Slimmest rails possible

Completely suspended system with recessed aluminum profiles that need no bottom rail or additional structural prerequisites.

System size
Glass panel options

Double and triple Glazing can be used with total freedom of choice of thermal and safety options up to 700kg/panel and panel sizes up to 10m2.

Hanging system

Exclusive suspended system that offers smooth sliding operation under all circumstances and does not transfer the load to the floor.

A minimum of two is required!

Available in 2 and 3 sliding panel systems, pocket, corner and fixed panels.

Smart house technology

Pre-existing capability for electrically motorized sliding sashes. Ideal for smart house projects and central console operating systems.

Locking mechanisms

Features a hidden manual mechanical locking mechanism. Alternatively it is offered with an automatic high-standard hidden electromagnetic locking mechanism with remote control operation upon request.

Avaton Air system